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Give My Creation Life!

Life • Dec 3, 2016
Throw the third switch

I see you there.
No, not the two of you reading this. I see you too on Google Analytics (hello!).

I mean this blog. Neglected and forgotten. It’s been calling to me. Maybe because of things happening in the world, or my life, but I’ve been feeling… aspirational lately. Among a lot of other things, I guess. And blogs, by their very nature, are aspirational. Everyone seems to start one with the best of intentions, and eventually they sit, abandoned.

Maybe it’s the season. But whatever it is, I’m in the mood to take action. I’m overwhelmed by aspirational thoughts.

  • I want to read more
  • I want to be more focused
  • I want to eat healthier
  • I want to exercise more
  • I want to learn to play chess
  • I want to learn more about Astronomy
  • I want to be a better dad
  • I want to be a better husband
  • I want to take action on the environment
  • I want to volunteer and make a difference
  • I want to meditate
  • I want to have a creative outlet (or three)
  • I want to hustle more and make money
  • I want to be more financially responsible
  • I want to be better at public speaking

The list goes on. Or, you could say the list piles up, if you don’t do something about it. So, as the saying goes, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” Time to start taking bites, no matter how small. Thus, a blog post. The first of many more bites? You’ll have to wait and see.

Australia Trip and Maintenance

Life • Jun 30, 2009

I came back from a 2 week vacation in Australia to find my sites hacked with spam link injection yet again. If I had the time or inclination I would redo this site in Expression Engine, but i don’t. So I’m trying some more extreme measures to keep my site from getting hacked. So you’ll notice things a bit different around here..

Anyhow, I was playing around with iWeb because 1) it’s on my computer which means 2) I paid for it in some way or another (even it it came for ‘free’ on my mac) so I made a cheesy click-and-build, drag-n-drop photo gallery of my pics just for the heck of it. Find it here.

Roadside Kangaroo

World Peace through Silly Dancing?

It's Funny Cause it's True , Life , Travel • Jul 14, 2008

An internet classic is back, just in time as we’re planning our next vacation. That crazy “Where the Hell is Matt” guy is back with another video of himself dancing around the world. And if you thought one awkward dancing guy was pretty funny wait till you see what happens when he gets crowds of people to join him!

It never really gets old. It’s hard to believe such a simple concept has had such internet success. I wonder what he’ll do next?

Oh, and his silly dance doesn’t really work in zero gravity…